A culture Vs Fashion clash: you are a witness!

You would see some clothing and wondered if it was fashion or just plain insanity. Alas, to some its just the best thing they have ever seen and that's where individuals behavioural traits of humans comes to play. However, its not every time you see a certain dress code that its behavioural pattern, often time pop culture has greatly influenced majority(both young and old), social media and the entertainment industry played a huge role when next you see someone who dresses in an overly controversial manner.

The Ripped Denim you are seeing in the image cost about $168, isn't that insane? To a culturally minded persons that's just pure madness, why not go fully stark naked most people would say. As the year rolls by, cultural values don't hold any more when it comes to dressing and its not about who is been impressed, its about following trends even though they are way out of line but mainstream media applauds it.

Sooner it's going to get much crazier than this, you all have witnessed the metamorphosis of fashion bizarreness and its not ending anytime soon. The question is, would you join the trend too? Or stick to your moral values even though you are scorned if eventually the whole world goes Gaga!

Thanks for reading.

Image Credit: Business Insider​​​



RinNy Mboro
02 Feb

People looks quite funny in the I dresscode in an attempt to flow along with the trend of fashion

Most times you look at them you'll be wondering if actually they look at themselves in the morro

Sticking to values is always right and Better than loosing sanity joining fashion trend


Captain Philips
02 Feb

The good thing in that few people like us still stick to morals when it comes to fashion


Hina G
02 Feb

fashion media of these cultural differences in order to increase diversity.


Captain Philips
02 Feb

This is far from diversity but insanity my friend, but we might not share same thoughts.


preview not available Dotun Awosika
08 Feb

You copy-pasted from the website below:


This is entirely not allowed on this platform.


Adams Toskid
02 Feb

You are right,  fashion has mixed with culture..  People are mostly dress nakedness now they do what they see on social media,  copy right and which is not good habit.. 

Nice post 


Captain Philips
02 Feb

This is not about Fashion and culture mix..


Gilbert Boniface
02 Feb

For me I don't tend to follow any trend but rather stick to my moral value. 

Majority of people in the society tend to join a trend. Which will later or sooner go the question is do you know the after effect of the trend.


Captain Philips
02 Feb

We share things in common, I have never followed idiotic trends.


Raazi Khan
02 Feb

I think variations with society trends are essential. But many people still want to live in their old customs rituals ritualsand believes


Captain Philips
02 Feb

So you can buy and wear the jeans in the photo for $168 and consider it societal variation?







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