A company at the service of the crypto-world: Coingecko

Greetings, dear friends, today I come to write to you about Coingecko, a company that is working very hard and is doing very well to bring people closer in a simple and practical way to the subject of cryptocurrency. Join me in this interesting exploration:


Who are they?

It is an online service that collects the most complete and detailed data possible on cryptocurrencies and classifies them according to price, volume and market capitalization.  It also follows up on the development of cryptographic projects: community growth, its main events and metrics of each blockchain, which is very important because it allows us to perform a comprehensive fundamental analysis of each cryptocurrency, since as they say on their website "...there is no adequate quantitative way to measure the value of a currency".


Their aim is that through the cryptocurrency data they can provide to users, they can obtain a more precise knowledge of their projects and better manage a possible investment in them. In this way, they democratize access to this cryptographic data.


This company began its activities on April 8, 2014, being its founders TM lee and Bobby Ong, currently has about 7713 tokens from more than 430 exchanges of cryptocurrency and has contributed worldwide in the education and adoption of cryptocurrency, either by collaborating with university institutes (such as The University of Western Canada and Humboldt University), giving lectures, among other spaces that have been able to take advantage.

Screenshot of Coingecko's home page


What do they do? 


If we want to know about their services the best way is to explore their website, even if it is in a general way; I will present you a summary of my exploration:


- It offers a monitoring of the cryptocurrencies that it has listed at the moment, not only according to the market indexes (capitalization, volume and price) but also according to its historical maximums, the development of the projects and its presence in the social networks.


- It classifies the exchanges (centralized and decentralized) according to a Trust-Score which is nothing more than a security and reliability index. 


- The analysis of each cryptocurrency is as detailed as possible: price chart, historical data, market analysis, exchanges that have it listed, popularity, news, website, social networks, but what may attract your attention the most is its friendly interface for currency conversion. 

Screenshot of  Uptrennd token (1UP)  analysis

- It keeps us updated on the cryptocurrency projects; among its initiatives here is the quarterly report it presents on this subject. For example, in the last one he highlighted the growth that the DEFI has had; we can also receive daily updates on cryptomonies if we subscribe to their newsletter.


- It offers us some educational resources in Podcast format, it also has a glossary of terms and in the events calendar we can check conference schedules, forums, debates, etc. 


- It provides multiple useful tools: Study of investment in cryptomonies and its possible gains, widgets for the websites with their updated statistics, comparative table of cryptomonies, analysis of bitcoin satoshis stacking. In addition to their website they also have mobile applications, both Android and IOS.  


 - They are continuously adding new features to their services: cryptocurrency index (Beta phase), market capitalization according to Stablecoins, discovering cryptomone, Coingecko buzz, reward system, etc. The same Trust Score system, monitoring the exchanges, is constantly updated.

It is worth mentioning Coingecko buzz, which is a selection of articles and guides about cryptocurrency and the reward system by which we are given a certain amount of virtual candies according to the days we have been visiting the website, which we can then exchange for products or services within the platform.

- Finally, they invite us to continuously check what they are doing, visiting their blog, where they summarize the updates they have been bringing into the company: their announcements, technical advances and the quarterly reports.

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Why use Coingecko?


The main reason is that it presents us with a wide and detailed vision of each cryptocurrency, supported by the hard work of a team that keeps all the data updated as frequently as possible and that is constantly adding a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

But perhaps, what stands out most today is its transparency since - contrary to coinmarketcap, recently acquired by Binance - it is not married to any kind of project. 

 All this, helps us users to improve our knowledge about cryptocurrencies as well as to make decisions to enter or not into a project.


The other tools it provides are also very useful: I would like to highlight the classification of the exchanges by reliability and security index (Trustscore), its currency conversion interface and the widgets.

So far I leave my exploration of this magnificent online service, not without first inviting you to visit it and check it out for yourself to see how great it is. You can also do it from right here on the platform, since it is a company allied to Uptrennd. 

Without further ado, and thanking you once again for having accompanied me this far, I bid you farewell.


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Oneray I.
26 Jul

It is true what you say. Coingeco is a good place to analyze and check the market for the number of tools it has, which make this place very useful. It's a good informative post, bro.


Marisa Belen Repetto
11 Oct

One of the main functions, although not only the only one, is to maintain a constant statistic on the update in the value of cryptocurrencies.

As Coinmarket does.

But apart from this, it tells you which are the main exchanges in which you can change the cryptocurrency, the level of activity and update, the volume of daily, weekly, monthly, annual trades and many other fundamental statistical data to be able to operate in this world. a bit complex of cryptocurrencies.



Muhammad Humas Manzoor
28 Jul

This is informative post


Fasiha Gull
14 Oct

dear i am also using CounGeko for seeing the rate of different cryptos. Because the ananlysis and the work of that company is upto the market. They are doing their best ananlysis as well as Graphics to tell the customer according to market price. Also providing data about the last days means last 7 days, last 14 days and also for last 30 days. 


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