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A Beautiful Morning

The heat of the last few days with temperature steadily climbing has been enough to make me feel exhausted. I have been praying for rain and rain we had in abundance. It just poured for an hour in the evening and later again in the night. Magically the temperature has dropped down by a good four degrees centigrade. 

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It's such a beautiful morning with trees washed off their dust and grime, the air is finally clean to breathe. How much difference does the rain make to our planet! My plants all look sprightly and fresh this morning. The birds were late but they did seem very happy and put on some extra show with their long songs this morning.

With the weather being so cool and lovely I was able to do more work in my garden this morning. Dragon flies were all over the place chasing each other. It seems like nature is extra happy after the rain. The forecast for today is more rain, thunderstorm to be precise. This means a new lease of life to my veggies which looked a little tired and spent in the summer heat. 

I look forward to more rain and cooler weather, I know this drop in temperature doesn't last long, but it is so welcome.

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rabail fatima
14 Apr

Waooo it's raining in your area hope weather would be cool because too much warm weather can effect our lives we aren't able to do work rain makes weather cool and plants are being washed through this everything looks new and beautiful 


Sofs Su
14 Apr

Yip, its such a releif to have some heavy rain. Not just for us  but for the life around us too.


Amjad Ali Waince
14 Apr

The weather conditions going hot here too. Some drizzling in you territory makes weather conditions better and temperature went gone . It is always pleasant weather in the morning if you got light showers of rain in the night. Have a blessed day!!


Sofs Su
14 Apr

It wasn't just a drizzle, it was copious rain, both in the evening and night and the world seems better for it, at least my side of the world.


Tayyab Ali
14 Apr

At last you got the rain in your area but we don't have this facility.  We have little bit rainfall last night bit but it was too little that it can't wet the road even....

I hope for the cooler weather in your area


Sofs Su
14 Apr

Wish I could send some of this rain towards your place. It's so pleasant after the rain.


Freekay Gold
14 Apr

Wow rain is a blessing it makes every nature of God look so beautiful and amazing your flowers are beautiful.


Sofs Su
14 Apr

A huge blessing indeed in this sumer heat.


Ishmael Kelechi
14 Apr

The climatic condition of our wide ranged space is a determining factor for the appearance of plants, flowers inclusive.

I perceive through the post that the midnight dew help to revive the plants and give them a new horizon.


Sofs Su
14 Apr

We had heavy rains which brought the temperature down by a good four degrees c. All life seems happier around me now.







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