90's Generation

Hi Uptrenndians! How are you?90's generation has a different type of life. They have depressions, blood pressure and a lot of depressive diseases. That's due to some following reasons. They want to talk to their elders about everything they are going through but can't talk because their elders call them the new generation and said that how they can talk with them, every time they want mobiles, computers and games  only. They said no one want to talk to their elders because they have no time from using Mobiles, computers and games. Everyone from the 90's generation want to talk to their elder brothers, sisters, mother, father and anyone from his elders about his problems, feelings, and want some suggestions from them and also wanna some fun with them. They, therefore, not going to talk to them because they have no friendship with any of them.Therefore, they make friends and their friends are everything of their life. You can say that their friends are their lives. They can discuss their everything with their friends When they are depressed, they only want to talk to their friends. And now it depends on their friends that they have good habits or bad. If they have some bad habits then it will definitely converts to them. So be careful and make your youngers your friends and discuss everything with them so they can also discuss their everything with you. Now tell me your opinion about that in comments.



Tayyab Ali
28 Nov

We must have a habit to discuss the matters with our friends, siblings and parents.  This is one of the way to have a communication in a better way. It is possible that someone gives us a best suggestion for the problem 


Muhammad Kamran
28 Nov

Yes I think so. It's a good habit to talk to your parents and siblings and I think it will be possible only when you are friendly with them.


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