7 differences between men and women you must know before you go into marriage.

If you must have a successful marriage then you need to understand the difference between a man and a woman

These are 7 basic difference between a man and woman, that will help you , when you understand them in your marriage.

1. Women mix facts and feelings when reporting, men report only facts. 

So if your man, you must learn how to sieve facts from feelings before you make any conclusions 

2. Men speak less words compared to women  (3:10). 

So a man who wants his marriage to last must learn to listen. Because women will always have something to say. 

3. Women are fewer risk-takers than men.

One of the things a man needs to understand about women is that they are not risk-takers, so a man must be willing to take risks in the marriage. 

5. Most men don't like cooking, even though they can cook. 

So as a woman, don't leave it for your husband to cook, if he wants to help you find it, but don't see it as a 50 50 deal. No!! Men love it when their wives cook same as women they love it when their husbands cook. But it's more natural for a woman to cook than a man. 

5.Sometimes women can ask very strange questions.

One thing a man must understand is that women like asking questions and they expect you to know It all. Women love a man, who provides an answer to all their questions. 

So as a man make sure you know things. Don't be an empty head.

6. Women have a very high sense of smell

As a man, make sure you are neat always, cause women have a very high sense of smell.  Don't ruin things because of bad odor.

7. The female body changes more often.

As a man you must know that your wife changes like the season. Her body is not steady. So don't expect her to remain sexy after years of marriage. Her body changes.

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Safari bangz



Alizay Fatima
29 Nov

You really describe true and real difference women's have a great sense of smell even that She also guesses whether the scent of you is coming from your perfume or someone else's perfume.😉😉


Safari Bangz
29 Nov

Exactly!!! That's why they always catch me. That cheats


Alizay Fatima
29 Nov

That's why they say that women's six.sences are so fast that they act so quickly if someone tries to seduce them in love.


Agaga Julius
29 Nov

We just need to understand the way women are and play along with them. Women are sensitive and must be kept like an egg.


Daniel Mayowa
29 Nov

I love the part that says women will always have something to say and it is very true that is why we must learn to listen very carefully


Muhammad Sajid
29 Nov

These are the differences you must know before going into the marriage. They are facts indeed. Your research should be appreciated. If we know these difference we will easily handle matters after marriage. 

Sorry bro I am out of upvotes for you. 


Safari Bangz
29 Nov

No problem my friend... I appreciate your constant support to me. God bless you.


Tariq Shehzad
29 Nov

Wow..so beautiful and awesome writing on woman. 

Your last point about woman looks some funny..😂😁 That the woman chanages its body just like seasons.


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