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03 Nov
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6 months of being on Uptrennd

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Alberto Dionisio 4 months ago

Yes Jan that time was deep difficult to get 100 upvotes was nearly impossible to...but the community Growth is so awesome that you now can get more than that nr...I remember the first time also I joined there was About 6000 Trenndians and I knew From that day on that I would be a writer no Matter what!! Congrats Jan I will be waiting to the post ffor one Year ☺

Jan Bouda 4 months ago

Alberto, let me tell you became a very good content creator. Your posts are getting better and better every time. In case I forget to write that post in 6 months, please remind me. I wrote a lot of posts on Uptrennd, I will be doing some videos but I will have to do some writing on cryptocurrencies as well.

Victoria Haruna 4 months ago

When I look back at my success story on UPTRENND, I am most grateful that you got to the platform before me.

Am also certain that through your 'lecture notes' on the platform, you have made others successful.

Your success should indeed be celebrated.

Jan Bouda 4 months ago

Thanks a lot Victoria, I am really grateful for kudos. And what I really want is that everyone here can thrive because I am a witness that you can make it but of course respecting Uptrennd’s Terms and Conditions.

Omer Farooq Farooq 4 months ago

I always feel happy to read your post and when you talk about your success story then I think people should seek something in your post. Just tell me dear to burn 90 percent tokens means the 1Up price will go up in future. Is it possible to burn more.

Jan Bouda 4 months ago

When you burn cryptos, the crypto becomes deflationary because you reduce a big part of its monetary supply which is opposite of traditional fiats (because banks are printing a lot of money). I am not well informed on future burning of 1UP token. But every month, 30% of all the points used for levelling up is being burnt. For example in September it was around 86,000 1UP tokens. Regarding to the price of 1UP token, I am not allowed to speculate on this matter.

Lucas S 4 months ago

Great motivational post, Jan! And congrats on 6 months with Uptrennd. Time flies when you're having fun, doesnt it?

The method you use to motivate yourself to learn and participate is amazing. Keep up the awesome work!

Jan Bouda 4 months ago

Thanks a lot Lucas. I really appreciate it. Perhaps I described my path in terms of numbers but Uptrennd is more than that, it’s my second family, environment of positivity where we support each other in general.

Mohammad Imran 4 months ago

Congratulations Jan for completing 6 months successfully. Your uptrennd journey is very inspiring and motivational for all of us. Your hard working and dedication is an example for me to follow.

Jan Bouda 4 months ago

Thanks Mohammad, I really appreciate it. Do you know what is curious that I even don’t consider it as a hard work because I love trennding. For me hard work is something that I usually don’t like, for me it’s fun. And all of us are sharing interesting tips and we’re learning cool tips every day.







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