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5000 Comments Already? 600 Posts!

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Ana-Maria Simetin 4 months ago

I can only say - Congratulations! And - Amen! - to all, you have said!

Dotun Deetee 4 months ago

Thanks @Ana-Maria ; seriously I was expecting an epistle but these few words are kind and speaks a thousand words. You rock!

Romana Grubesic 4 months ago

Congrats Dotun, you really did a lot in that short period.

Dotun Deetee 4 months ago

Well, I give all that credit to you too. @Romana I am proud of the fact that you always point me in the right direction and water my rainy days.

Victoria Haruna 4 months ago

That's some numbers mate. And equally some good cash.

The comments tool is worth exploring more.

Dotun Deetee 4 months ago

Well, when you put it in cash terms, that can be very dicey as most of the comments are full of warnings and corrective notifications; users do not upvote those...lol

Jansen Admin 4 months ago

5000 is indeed a milestone worth celebrating! 

And best: its only the beginning!

Dotun Deetee 4 months ago

Thank you for your kind words @Jansen. I am also glad you made the challenge clear to me; I can not wait for 10,000 comments soonest; because uptrennd has grown exponentially.

Jan Bouda 4 months ago

Hi Dotun,

I’ve sent you a comment on mobile but it didn’t show up because of wi-fi. You are doing absolutely  stunning job. 5000 comment that’s a pretty good mark, and very nice achievement. I admire a lot your dedication, hard work and being a very good team member.

Dotun Deetee 4 months ago

Wow, this comment means a lot me coming from a teammate. I love our energy and all; I am really proud to say Uptrennd team is yet the more diverse in race and the best team I have ever had to work within all of my work experience.

Your humility and hard work amongst other qualities worth emulating buddy. Keep the fire burning!







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