500 1up up for grabs

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Here is a chance to get rewarded with a share of 500 1Up by doing a simple task 

Hello Trenndians, 

It was fun reading through you guys comments on my  post I made two days back.  I may not have replied all but I certainly went through all. It's so awesome to know alot of members believe in the ideology of Uptrennd as a grassroot movement committed to empower hardwork. 

The big deal, is never to give up, but to be resolute and though. There's definitely strength in our commitment especially the desire is for the... greatest of the happiness number!!! 

Here's another fun game and the the rules to qualify you….. 

This is not like the usual constest. For this, everyone is a winner but will give special rewards for the best two content. I may decide to add more reward depending on the number of entries we have. 

Rules :

*  Write a post stating what makes Uptrennd standout for you with or without 1Up. 

* Share your post on other social media and bring the links here. Tag me in your share @Bettyozemoje 

* Summittion of entries should be done on or before next Tuesday. 19th Jan, 2021.

Stay blessed and keep uptrennding!! 



Capt.Imran Mani.
14 Jan


wow great for newbies but it might not be equal to all. As like me i have very less followers and it might not be visible to you as i will have less upvotes due to less followers. But any how a good step to promote newbies.

Stay Blessed 


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
15 Jan

It is open for everyone. Bring your link here in the comment section then I will see it. @Cap. Imran Mani


Michaelo Okoli
14 Jan

Wow.... I think this contest works well for me...I'm in already..1up is an added incentive to Uptrennd... Uptrennd has more to offer than just the token


Raphzodi Segun
14 Jan

This is a great contest put out by you, uptrennd has indeed being a life changing platform that has empowered and lifted many people out of poverty and aside that make many of improve our writing skills and network with many people.

Will get my pen and write a amazing post on the topic.


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
14 Jan

Looking forward to receiving your entry bro 👍


Ayesha Umar
14 Jan

Thank you so much for given this  opportunity to get 500 1up ...

I'll  definitely participate in this contest.

Stay blessed 


Umair Awan
14 Jan

Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful idea. It will let us know the best features of uptrend. I will definitely part of this contest.







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