500 1up giveaway by Saqib Ajmal

The journey of a mile they say begins with a step,my uptrennd journey started sometimes in April this year,I was reffered by my course mate,told me about how he earned from engagements.

He explained how the platform work and I adapted in no tym ,to  my honest what made me join then was the earnings,cool to like money,now I realize it's not just earning buh learning and growing.

In no time I started accumulating and thought of withdrawals straightup ,then I came across this post by uptrennd update about earning power, multiplier n all,then I understood how the points add up and decided to level up more.


In weeks I got to Level 11 , with a multiplier of 2 before halving n citizenship,I accumulated 5500 points n that was my first withdrawal.

I traded @ 2 Naira to 1up ,got my first earnings then saved to the bank.After a while I got muted,on return I lost couple of contacts and my engagements reduced too,got a few more up 1250 trade @#7 to 1up ,when prices where skyrocketing,also didn't touch it at all.

How I spent my earnings

2 months from now ,my friend brought the idea of we raising broiler birds ,then I invested all my earnings to it,after raising and sales ,we ran into loss,true it was our first,so the experience was the priority.The experience we got really compensated us if I can put it as such.

I guess I'm a proud agriculrist now

I actually didn't spend my earnings rather invested it in myself,I'm glad I took that chance n I'm happy uptrennd is the brain behind it.

I hope price rises soon ,so I exchange the little at hand to treat myself to something nice this tym,spend on myself too buh this tym material wise..yea cos I need it.

A big thank you to the uptrennd team 

A big shout out to @ Saqib Ajmal for organizing this contest

Image credit to me:all done on quote app




Fawad Akhtar
29 Nov

Woww it's an amazing entry for the contest,,, surely you will be the winner,, best of luck dear.. 


Adetola Muheez
29 Nov

Thanks buddy.. means alot

i hope I get shortlisted 


Tasleem Mohsin
29 Nov

It's a great give away and I'll definately participate . I am a newbie and that is my first time to withdraw .


Arbab Aslam
29 Nov

Glad to know that you invested intead of spending your earning !! 

Hopefully 1UP rate will soon touch the moon and you will withdrawa it !!

Best wishes for the contest 😍


Adetola Muheez
29 Nov

Thanks dear

I'm glad I invested in my self..once price surge, I'll treat myself to something nice


Ashfaq Muhammad Khan
29 Nov

That's your money and where you want, you can invest there. 

The step taken by you are really good because you have invested in a thing which again will give you profit..


Adetola Muheez
29 Nov

Thanks buddy

Investing in me is gladding

Thanks for the wishes


Muhammad Arslan
29 Nov

Investment is the best thing to put you in rather than saving,saving ,and saving so that remain same. And during like type of business you can help others also.







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