500 1up giveaway by Saqib Ajmal

Assalam-0-Alikum EveryOne!

This is my entry to the giveaway by coordinated  @Saqib Ajmal In which he said that let us know regarding your first procuring, where you will spend it, or what you will purchase from it. 

Most importantly, I might want to express gratitude toward @Saqib Ajmal for presenting to us a brilliant and astonishing contest. 

I have joined uptrennd since 1st September 2020. I haven't been working for quite a while yet since joining uptrennd till today I have not done any acquiring from it however I have taken in a great deal from it. This stage gives us acquiring just as numerous different chances. The greatest element I like about it is that it gives us the opportunity for articulation. I like uptrennd definitely. I can't consider surrendering it. 

So how about we get to our point...

I am participating in the 3rd piece of this challenge since I have not procured a single thing from it yet. 

What do you want to purchase with your first earning of uptrennd in what purpose you will use that money?

(This line is taken from Saqib's post  )

I have just utilized my points to step up and now I have collected a ton of points and I expect That is, 1up cost will go up very soon, so I need to spend my first profit from my uptrennd on a way that will get eternal for me. In the same way as other different young ladies, I am additionally exceptionally attached to shopping, But I will forfeit for the bliss of others since man can purchase common requirements and endowments with cash yet purchasing godlike satisfaction isn't sufficient for man and this joy is to address somebody's issues with cash. There are numerous families around us who are carrying on with an existence of mortification and difficulty and I have joined the uptrennd so I can cover my own costs. There are individuals in this world who proceed with an extreme life getting a charge out of the joy of essentials. These individuals have what they need constantly to proceed with a wonderful life. Obviously, there are individuals who need more garments to wear, food to eat, direction, clinical organizations, a place of refuge to live in, and other focal necessities of life. Desperate people and neediness stricken individuals can't manage the cost of the fundamental necessities of living and are doing fighting reliably forever.

Neediness is shocking in different nations striking endless individuals the world over. Different poor and dejected individuals battle to accomplish the focal necessities of life for themselves and their families to improve their procedure for living. These poor individuals can't improve their norm of life on their own we need to help them in creating their life satisfying. We can't make such poor and poverty-stricken individuals rich yet can notwithstanding, help them with accomplishing the basic things of life so they can have a prosperous presence.

Helping poor people and desperate individuals is a decent deed and a reasonable point.
 So I will help the poor with my uptrennd earnings. I'm not just talking about uptrennd money, I will always be ready to help the poor wherever the money comes from me.

In the event that you partake in this intriguing challenge, at that point click Here


Image Source: Image taken from Saqib's post 



Amjad Ali Waince
27 Nov

Yes we are waiting for rise up of 1up patiently. Sure it will soon.

Helping others especially needy and poor is a best act under humanity. Your thinking absultly morvolus in its means. May almighty Allah bless you more.

Best of luck for contest.


Zaroosh Fatima
27 Nov


Thank you so much for encouraging me. In fact, it is our moral duty to help the poor. I pray that you will make more progress in life. InshaAllah!

Stay Blessed:)


Ibrahim Usman Magaji
27 Nov

This is a good opportunity from Saqib Ajmal. I wish you good luck in this contest.

By the grace of God I will join.


Zaroosh Fatima
27 Nov

Welcome to the Uptrennd Brother.

You must submit your opinion. Let everyone know. Saqib's contest. I think you have not read the post carefully. Make your comment standard.Otherwise, you will get a Highly downvote


Dee Dan
27 Nov

This is a good contribution to the contest. I hope that you win. I haven't participated in any contest. Maybe I should join this one.


Zaroosh Fatima
27 Nov

Thank you for encouraging me and secondly, I am sorry that you did not take part in any competition. 

I advise you to take part in this competition and for sure you will win. 

It is not just a contest. All the contestants have come. You must take part in them. There is a great benefit in joining the contest. 

A person can win a lot of prizes, especially those who have a low level,  it is very difficult for them to collect 1Up points.







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