500 1up give away 🥳🥳

Assalam O Alaikum dear uptrenndians..

How are you all?

500 1up give away 🥳🥳

Now a days Everyone is bringing many amazing contests for all of you, 

so i also decided to arrange a contest for you but i was very much confuzed about topic..

Because i wanted a unique and much interesting topic for contest for my Uptrenndians.

 After so continuously thinking i selected the topic for Contest:

What are the rituals of your marriages?

Marriage is a fun filled program or event every one enjoy this lovely event and i know every country every nation has their own rituals about marriage...

In pakistan we have main events of wedding like mehndi, mayoon, dholki, barat and reception...

These all events have different and unique rituals which are really amazing...

For me most intresting event is mayoon and mehndi we have beautiful rituals in it we apply henna to bride and groom and every one sings wedding songs and dances that event is much enjoyable full of fun...

Rules of my contest are very simple:

Create an OC post on this topic.

Choose the general community.

Use the hashtag


 in the last.

Use this posts link in your post so that more people can participate in this contest

Share your post link on twitter use

 #weddingritual #uptrennd #1up 

and tag me on twitter 


After that paste both your uptrennd post link and twitter post link in comment box 

Result will be announced on next tuesday so you have 1 week to submit your entry..

5 lucky winners

 will be selected through wheel spin and I will select participants based on their quality posts.

Each will get 100 1up 

Deadline: 2nd nov 2020.

Best of luck to all

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Mohammad Arslan
27 Oct

You Have Arranged A Lot Of Interesting Contest And Almost Every One Would Like To Participate Here. ۔...stay bless bro


Muhammad Ali
27 Oct

Saqib Bhai Aap has competed on a very good topic

Our wedding rituals are to sing Maun Mahindi and wedding songs

And there are many more rituals

That's what I told the girl

Now let me tell you about the boy's rituals

In our case, the boy's ritual is that the boy goes to a friend's house or hijra and spends three days there.

And there all his peers and friends come and sing a song. Someone plays a game of cards. Someone plays a game of wrestling. And someone watches a movie.

And I don't like all these rituals

Why do I follow Islamic rituals?

And the Islamic ritual is just simple marriage and nikah

And I really like this simple wedding


muhammad waseem Iqbal
27 Oct

w salam dear,a very interesting topic to write on it and have a very good chance for all of us to write the quality post about the marriage and won the contest ,I will particpate in that competition and try to won that 


marriyam mano
27 Oct

First of all I would like to thank you for such a good opportunity.

In our Pakistan, a lot of unnecessary rituals are performed.

I'm single now but my sister is getting married which is why I have a little idea about it

I will definitely take part in this giveaway and follow all the rules


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
27 Oct

No matter, I am also single 😂🙈

So that means you're busy with your sister's wedding

but I would be very happy if you participate


Ahama Merit
27 Oct

I am thinking you are trying to imply something by telling her you are single too but let me mind my business😁


marriyam mano
27 Oct

If there is a wedding in the house then there is a lot of busyness

 and preparations for the wedding have just started in our house.

You are also single like me🤣😂🤣😂 Now you will have an idea of what rituals are performed and then perform the same ritual at your wedding.


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
27 Oct

But in Pakistan wedding ceremonies are performed there boys are not allowed to see how the ceremony is performed .in my side 


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
27 Oct

Ehhhee lol ur very smart 😂😂 


Princess .
27 Oct

Although you have given a great opportunity and you have a good contact, we will participate in it.Everyone has to get married and this is something that every human has to go through. 


Mubasher Mahdi
27 Oct

It is going to be a great fun indeed. Different people will have different emotions regarding wedding and marriage ceremonies. I can imagine beautiful entries. I am going to participate in this contest with proper discipline.







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