5 tips for writing your first article

For those of us who have been in the IT business for a long time and who later specialize in digital marketing, when we talk about creating our blog and no longer say our first article, it's as if we are being told to go to middle-earth, something impossible.

Based on my own experience, I drew up guidelines that I followed after researching and reading a lot from influential people who make a living out of their blog and writing college essays for sale.


A fundamental point, but when we decide to create a blog, we rarely think about it, and that is the most important thing because without people reading us, what we do doesn't make sense.

We must define the target audience that we want to reach, what content can interest them, what they will feel most comfortable reading, and what will keep them interested.

The maxim is apparent; without defining our audience, the strategy will not work.


It isn't easy to choose a blog as it is to select a topic you will talk about, whether it be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. You have to be clear about the subject to research what interests you and what interests the reader, who will decide whether to continue with you or leave.

Write without thinking about SEO positioning. Write always thinking about what is best for the reader that is easy to read that is understandable, and introduce the keywords that you will have defined with platforms such as Google Adwords or Keyword Research. Everything makes sense.


Once you have launched the editor and your inspiration is overflowing with so many ideas that you have been putting into practice, you must remember what you were taught in school with the texts; you must organize yourself.

Think about everything you have written, and structure it so that the most important thing is always at the beginning. It is there where our readers will know if what they see is interesting to continue reading our article—a captivating introduction.

We have an example when we enter a blog that we find interesting, and we see the label "Read more" or "more." Suppose the article itself is what we were looking for. In that case, we will click and expand the desire to continue with it, if on the contrary, the first paragraph does not arouse any interest, of course, we will not go beyond the label, and maybe we will not even reach it.

That is why it is better to be clear that the most important thing for those who read us must always go initially to maintain interest and make them visualize the whole article, from the most relevant to the least. However, this does not mean that it is necessary.


For the same reason, I mentioned in the previous step, that ideas should be structured to go from more important to less; it is also good not to make very long paragraphs.

It is recommended that the points that organize each contained within the same article do not exceed 3 or 4 lines maximum in each paragraph, and we all know why because we end up getting bored. So, let's be brief and concise but without forgetting anything.


It is where we will shape our article. You have to think that to be read, and it has to draw attention to something, so you have to choose each point very carefully and how you want others to see it.

A title and subtitles, which define in a sentence the topic you will discuss, with a particular attraction to the reader, guarantee their visit to our blog.

Use images whenever possible, on the one hand, to give more information throughout the text, in each of the points that are explained, and later to finish with an infographic or an explanatory image that summarizes everything explained during the article.

Add external links to those pages related to your topic that can help the reader better understand why. The internal links, those that we can tell (from our blog), will serve as a complement to what is written, giving a plus of information, but we can only add them when we have more articles written.

As I mentioned in point 1, where one decides to write without thinking about Google, SEO, and everything that positions, it is true that after writing, we must think and analyze what words are best for our article so that they position well, and we can go up positions.



Shehzad Abbas
04 Sep

This is very important for writing article. I am very happy to see this tips. 







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