400 original post in uptrennd achieve

 Joining uptrennd platform has been the best thing that has happen to me this year,  the platform has brought out the best in me; helping me to embetter myself everyday in terms of writing article. We all know it's not easy to come up with great topics that will benefit the readers, at the beginning it was a very difficult task but as time goes on we started writing for fun base on the things happening around us. 

Today am so delighted to reach 400 original post in uptrennd,  it's a thing of joy when I look back at my early days in the platform when writing original post was the biggest task,  many people who couldn't keep up with original content  embraced plagiarizing and spamming in the platform and end up getting banned and suspended but am here celebrating my 400 original post.

I want to say thank you to everyone who check on my blog daily to patronize me by reading and commenting on my post,  this is what motivates me to keep going because without readers there can't be writers. Always remember that nothing is impossible when you are determined, always be original in uptrennd and say no to plagiarism and spamming so that you will have a great story to say about uptrennd.  Let's keep earning and also embetter our writing skills. 




Aniss Emma
09 Nov

Woah! 😱. That's a massive number if posts. And for you to have been consistent to get there would have been something. 

I really am amazed though cause I know how hard it was for me to get to the 300 I am now. You would have improved so drastically in making posts and it shows in this one already. 

Congratulations to you man and cheers to more winnings cause I know this is just the beginning of more success stories for you.


Aftab Khan
09 Nov

Waoo amazing and its very big achievement and your very talented and hard work I appreciate your aforts 

Congratulations dear and my allha give us more success and happiness 

With best wishes 


Saviour Essien
09 Nov

It’s not easy to achieve this number of post at this level you have been extremely consistent & I hope you keep up with the high spirit. Congratulations to you bro. 







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