4 Things That Make A Human A Greater Person

Assalam O Alaikum!

I want to share the Quote of Hazrat ALI (R.A). Ali ibn Abi Talib was a cousin and son-in-law of our beloved Prophet Hazrat MUHAMMAD SAW. He was the caliph of our Islamic World. He was the first man who accepted ISLAM.

 I saw Hazrat ALI A.S quote on Whatsapp Status.

The quote is:

4 things that make a human a great person:

1. Cool Mind

2. Sweet Tongue

3. Soft heart

4. Smile on the face.

1. Cool Mind:

A cool mind is the best thing for any person because a cool mind will help to manage many problems at the same time.

2. Sweet Tongue:

A sweet tongue will make your connections stronger with your loved ones, nobody likes a person with a bitter tongue.

3. Soft heart:

Soft-hearted persons always think for others, help others and you all know ALLAH loves those who help others and thinks for them before ourselves.

4. Smile on the face:

Your one smile can make someone's day. A smiling face always looks pretty and give relief to the persons who are in front of you.



preview not available Saqib Ajmal
25 Feb

Indeed, Hazrat Ali (RA) was the first person to convert to Islam at a young age ,When Hazrat Ali was only 9 years old,Indeed, a good person is one who possesses these four qualities, and he not only achieves success in this world, but also in the sight of Allah, he has a very high status.


Noor Chaudhry
25 Feb

You describe Hazrat Ali's quote very well...

he is the first child who accept Islam he always wants to spread love towards Islam 

he is right that we should be soft-hearted... and instead of spreading wrong thoughts spread love and make your life peaceful

and use sweet words is a most important thing our words mainly hurt peoples we should think before speak and always use sweet words by which no one will hurt:)


25 Feb

First of all I appreciate your effort that you are mentioning Hazrat Ali(RA) on this platform.Yes, exactly what Hazrat Ali (RA) has said, we can improve ourselves with these things.All the things that Hazrat Ali (RA) has said have proved to be very useful for us.

Of course, if we have a smile on our face, we will look more beautiful.


Afia Khan
25 Feb

If these qualities are found in a person, then that person becomes a great person. Being soft-hearted is a great quality that is not found in everyone. It is a blessing of Allah which he gives to his friends.

 This is my father's advice to me,

Always keep your heart soft for others. Be kind to people so that people will remember you with kind words even after you leave. Hard-hearted people don't like anyone.


Eze David
25 Feb

For someone to have a soft heart is the best. If you have a hard heart, people will always run away from you and avoid you. Sometimes, soft heart person's are been taken for granted, that is life 


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