360Wellness - The Brand new WLNS Coin for the Large Fitness Community

What is 360Wellness? 

360Wellness is a revolutionary health and fitness app featuring the world's first wellness habit tracker and a unique wellness live virtual classes marketplace.

What is the 360Wellness Wellness tracker for?

360Wellness innovative wellness tracker allows users to track how well they train, feel, eat and sleep all in one place. It delivers a daily update to each user with a unique  WLS™ score along with personalized insights and recommendations to lead a better and healthier life. It has been developed in close collaboration with wellness industry experts and sport scientists. This is a unique offering because it can be applied to any individual and anyone can use it to track their overall wellness. 

How is the WLS™ score calculated? 

Our algorithms have been programmed to automatically calculate every user’s WLS score based on how balanced an individual’s life is. All the components of the formula which include Fitness, Feel, Recovery and Nutrition matter to reach your full wellness potential: 

  • Fitness - Includes both virtual classes and self-regulated activities

  • Feel - Details of an individual’s feelings and emotions for each day

  • Recovery - Involves the recovery after workouts or days off which includes sleep, naps, leisure time, etc.

  • Nutrition - How well the user is feeding the body with healthy nutrients throughout the day

What is the marketplace about?
Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Mental training, and Inspirational live talks are accessible and affordable for anyone through our unique marketplace. Browse through the list of upcoming events, find the most adored health and fitness professionals and register to the events to receive calendar invitations. Each and every event a member joins contributes to the individual’s wellness journey and its benefits will be directly added onto the wellness tracker getting them one step closer to their goals.

Is the 360Wellness App live? 

360Wellness mobile app has been available in beta testing mode since early September and was officially launched on Monday 12th October. Available for download on both Apple and Google Play Stores.


What are the current features that 360Wellness incorporates into the App? 

Wellness tracker, fully integrated live classes, in-app calendar, in-app payment by credit card via Stripe api integration.

What features are coming next? 

Ethical Social wall and social interactions, dynamic pricing (live classes price decreasing as more users join), connected wearables (Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Fitit), and the MyZone partnership for real time heart rate data display during live classes.

Is 360Wellness creating their own blockchain? 

No. We will be using both the Ethereum ERC20 and Binance BEP-7 blockchains for the WLNS coin and NFT integrations.

Why does 360Wellness need to utilize the blockchain on the app with the WLNS token? 

Our vision is to be able to bring the large fitness community onto the blockchain ecosystem. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the entire world’s daily lifestyle. At home work has increased dramatically and people are not going back to the gyms for safety reasons. We see this as a huge opportunity based on the points below: 

  1. Gamification is a new trend that has gained the attention of many industries. By enabling this feature in the app we see it as a valuable asset and a user-friendly way to incorporate participation while gaining rewards. The rewards are not only for the users but also for the companies and trainers who we have partnered with, as they utilize the WLNS coin it will drive the usage demand from their clients that they are training and selling to. 

  2. The high volume of data which is being taken and used without our recognized permission is becoming increasingly apparent. Adding the blockchain component into our organisation will help to improve data privacy and security in the health and fitness industry to ensure user data protection. 

  3. Incorporating the blockchain into our company enables us to cut out the middleman. For example if an instructor of ours would like to upload a video of their class and not have to deal with a 3rd party we can provide direct access to it on one of the blockchains we use. 

Does 360Wellness have a wallet integrated into the App? 

We plan to have the wallet up and ready in the app by Q1 of 2021. This will ensure the app incorporates all of the use cases of the WLNS token.

What are the use cases for the WLNS token?

  1. Discounts on trainer company products and merchandise

  2. Deals on classes (buy 10 get 1 free e.g)

  3. Achievement rewards (HIIT your nutrition quality goal e.g)

  4. Promotional rewards (Attend a Yoga class e.g.)

  5. Referral rewards (Invite 5, 10, 25, 50 friends e.g)

  6. Master Staking for holding 35,000, get rewarded for holding a high volume of tokens

  7. Rewards for Joining the App. The top holder will get a % of his holding to encourage other top holders to buy more. The more they hold the more they receive in return. The new user only gets the tokens after he performs certain tasks to "validate" himself. And, he can use the tokens in the app but can only withdraw the tokens after he reaches a certain amount.

  8. Different membership levels based on how many tokens one holds. This can be for all types of members like instructors, businesses etc. Each type gets different benefits for holding tokens. For example, a premium instructor will be featured in searches. A premium business will get advertising credits and so on.

  9. Higher staking rewards for holding more tokens as well as being more active on the app

  10. NFT rewards in 2021 related to higher staking incentives

    When are the private and public sales happening for the WLNS coin?

    This will be between November and December of 2020 depending on the sale rounds. The specific dates are to be announced.

    How many people are working on 360Wellness? 

    Currently there are 8 core executive team members, 3 extended executive team members, 3 advisors, 4 freelancers and a team of 20 working on the app development. A total of 40 people are currently working on the 360Wellness mission. 

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