3 knowledge that can boost your confidence

1. Knowledge of your purpose:

A confidence man is a man who knows his reason for being. Purpose gives meaning to our life. And if you can define your reason for being then you have less distractions here on earth. 

You must find out this; 

What's my talent , what do I love to do naturally? .

2.Knowledge of your potential :

Your ability is equal to your responsibility. If you must be confident you must know your potential. You must know what you can do and what you can't. 

What are you capable of doing? What can you do? 

The knowledge of potential will help you not to do things you can't do. Or waste your time doing something that's not for you. 

3. Knowledge of resource

When you know what you have you can use it. You can't use what you don't know you have. 

If you don't know you have money, you will continue begging. 

Types of resources

a. Brian 

b. Body 

c. Time

d. Family

e. Material things (Phone, laptop, car, house etc) 

4. Your source 

One of the things that gives any man confidence is to know his source. Knowing where you come from gives you some kind of confidence. 

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Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
16 Jan

All these are just the basic tools needed to discover yourself to know who you are and to know your priority and know what truly matters to you.


Shahid Iqbal
16 Jan

You have written good factors of the knowledge that can boost our confidence,especially that one of knowing the ability at which we are best. To gain success it's very important to know the thing in which we are good 


Tahir Naveed
16 Jan

Absolute there should be purpose in our life gives us zeal.Without purpose life has no meanings.These all above suggestions help us to know our personality.


Hameed khan
16 Jan

Although we have these resources but cannot suceed in our life because we are not willing to get sucess. If you have will power for the sucess than no resources is needed but your will power have ability for creating resources.

Nowadays man with less resources are more suceeding than the man with resouces


Fidel Mboro
16 Jan

The one of purpose got me tripping 

Nice post from your end brother 

Keep on giving me lines for survival 


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