2up Tuesday in Uptrennd

I hope you all will enjoy your time at 2up Tuesday

How to enjoy 2up Tuesday!

Hello uptrendians!

How are you? Hope you all are fine and you all are warmly waiting for 2Up Tuesday tomorrow like me.

 Last 2up day was very great because we have enjoyed the fast server too much as the maintenance comes true and server become fast. So i wanted to alarm all of you to be ready and prepared for tomorrow 2Up Tuesday. 

You all must do your best to share amazing contests will all uptrendians. I see many amazing content writers on this platform and love to read all posts. 

As we have enjoyed the last 2Up Tuesday. We can make this 2Up Tuesday more joyful with upgraded server. Work hard and positively.

We have to take care of the standard of this platform. 

If you want to enjoy the 2up day and want more benefit, then follow my few advice,

Prepare a quality post.

(first Read your post  once very carefully and then share on this platform)

Leave a quality comment on others post.

(Read others posts carefully then comment according to post) 

Avoid spam comment.

(Don't comment without reading the post because it has nothing to do with the post)

Encourage others .

(When you see someone's post and it is good post and quality post, you should not be stingy and upvote him.)

All these things I have told is very important to maintain this platform standard. If you do not follow these will be your own loss. Because guardians are watching your movements and gradians don't compromise on platform quality. So we need the support of patrons to maintain the standard of this Platform



Hamza Masood
24 Nov

Your tips are awesome.

Really, 2UP day makes your 2 times of token in a single day but demand more work than other days.

Happy 2UP tuesday.


Saqib Ali
24 Nov

Happy 2up Tuesday.this is very great day for all of us and we all should focous on quality.We need to post quality and avoid quality comments and avoid from Spaming.


Manuu Mushi
25 Nov

Yeah 2up Tuesday is great day to all of us but i miss that day hope you have enjoyed, 







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