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15 Feb
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~$200 Giveaway - Primecoin

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Hellin Herrly 1 month ago

Thanks for posting..nice one

St3v3 has donated 500 points to Hellin Herrly 3 weeks ago

Mustapha Mohammed Jeremiah 1 month ago

I think I love the new technology a lot but what I love most is it security and mining to the network and also how it prime numbers are being generated. 

Dennis Verbrugge 1 month ago

Liked the useful PoW since I first came by Primecoin. Really love that there's new development!!

TG: dverbrugge

Discord: Dennis79

Primecoin XPM 1 month ago

thank you for entering and good luck!

Nat Castellano 1 month ago

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of you and for all the activities you have done! I hope the community continues to grow and have many more successes! Done to the Giveaway!!

Primecoin XPM 1 month ago

Glad to have support from our community! 

Thank you Nat

dustyllanos28 edward 1 month ago

Primecoin Doesnt only solve the flaws of Bitcoin in terms of Scalabilty and Security, but it gives Miners a comfortable life because it doesnt rely on the transaction fees yet it build for Stability purpose. THANK YOU PRIMECOIN for your amazing technology. May you reach your goals in 2020

Dicord ID : dustyllanos27#0046 

Telegram username : @dustyllanos 

Primecoin XPM 3 weeks ago

Hey dustry you have been chosen as one of our winners!

We have sent you a PM please reaply with your XPM address:)


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