20 Facts About Me

I want to share 20 Facts about myself to my Uptrennd family, I just felt like sharing it here too.

Wow! 20 facts? I think you will get to know a lot about me with just these 20 facts because I am a less complex person. 

Well, here are the facts about me. 

My name is Merit Ahama

I have explained my name in my first blogging challenge post, you can read it here. It's a norm and very important to know a person's name before you can be more closer to the person. So my name is Merit and my surname is Ahama but people prefer to call me by my surname so you can call me any of the names, I will surely answer. 

My Middle name is Ikuesiri 

Ikuesiri is my tribal name and was given to me by my mum. It means "Goodnews". My mum loves the name a lot and she always prefer calling me by the name, she has been the only one who calls me by that name until recently. 

I am a female

Yeah, I know you know am a female but that's a fact too. I am a female she lady hahaha. 

I am a Music lover 

You should see me listening to my favorite songs, you will understand more about my love for music. I always listen to music to keep my sanity and also to learn how to recognize a good music when I listen to them. 

I am Mhizsmiler

Mhizsmiler is my nickname given to me by my friends because I smile a lot. Sometimes I even start thinking it's an incurable disease. You can easily guess when I'm not happy because I always smile when I am happy. 

Not to bore you with a long post, I will highlight the remaining facts about me. 

  • I love singing and I am learning ways to improve more. 

  • I have two beloved siblings who loves singing like me. 

  • I am a beautiful lady, so beautiful. 

  • I am a tall and slim lady. 

  • I am an introvert - extrovert (I can be very shy sometimes and troublesome sometimes too). 

  • I love to write (It's a part of me). 

  • I love to travel and explore new places. 

  • I tell jokes and stories a lot. 

  • I love to watch movies especially Korean dramas. 

  • I love eating delicious meals, I'm kind of a foodie. 

  • I eat fruits a lot, it's like a routine for me. 

  • I have a very long hair but I still want it to be longer. 

  • I always prefer wearing simple clothes. 

  • I prefer natural self but I don't hate make ups. 

  • I am always myself, don't like to fake myself for anything.

Thanks for getting to know me better.

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Ayoola Adegoke
18 Apr

You have  really spoken a lot about yourslf. With the above attributes , I think you are good and a very nice person to be with. I will like to  meet you in person one day


Merit Ahama
18 Apr

Aww you might really meet me in person, who knows? 🤷‍♀️ But all the same, thanks for your kind words. 


Shakeel Abbas
18 Apr

Your singing hobby is best for you.God bless you in singing. You explain your introduction, hobbies and job in 20 facts.you explain good about yourself.I like your post


Merit Ahama
19 Apr

Amen to your prayers, I hope to become a great singer. Thanks for your kind words and for getting to know me better. 


Wisdom Chinonso
18 Apr

Wow that's good of you I can see you are good person keep it up people will always love u


Merit Ahama
19 Apr

Thanks @Wisdom for your kind words, I will keep being myself. 


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
18 Apr

Thank you for sharing a little information about you, you are a nice and friendly girl, I think that if I knew you personally I would not get bored spending a lot of time with you, I recommend that you continue to be yourself because the spontaneity that characterizes you will take you very far.


Merit Ahama
18 Apr

Aww thanks aso much sir, I want to keep being me from all you have said and I know I can do that. 

Thanks for stopping by to know me 😊


Magdalene Dan
18 Apr

Hmmm at some point one need to appreciate oneself. Good to know you @Merit A. From the things you've written about yourself shows that you're a very góod person with great ambition. keep it up dear. 


Merit Ahama
19 Apr

Thanks dear, I really do appreciate your kind words. It's always nice to appreciate yourself, I hope to know you more someday too. 







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