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1UP Token Economics

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Itliker Shadda 1 month ago

Indeed uptrennd provide cheapest advertisement in the online field. We have defeated all other advertising place like Google, Facebook, twitter and all others. I am not aware of any plateforum that provide SUch a cheap advertising opportunity..... In fact, heart touching opportunity.

Very attractive and awesome!

Athar Saleem 1 month ago

CPM advertising is solely based on impressions......CPM stands for Cost per 1000 Impressions.......number of times the ad is shown.......where M is Roman numeral for 1000. 

88 percent of Americans use the internet to make purchasing decisions.Businesses rely on web ads to reach customers. When a business places an ad online,its  success is measured based on CPM. A typical CPM ranges from $2.80 with Google to more than $34 for a local TV spot in Los Angeles.

Thus the CPM on Uptrennd $0.12 is (much much)lower that's like a dream.

Jeff is absolutely right.

p lc 1 month ago

Yes! The CPM at Uptrennd really is very actrative.

Imo Clement Ekuma 1 month ago

I always tell people to focus and let's build a better tomorrow.

With this analysis a user or advertiser has already made more than he expected  and a little expense he made will made him a very big return.

p lc 1 month ago

1UP potential is HUGE! thanks for the math! 👍 

Athar Saleem 1 month ago

Absolutely right said.

Sam BTC 1 month ago

The biggest differentiating factor for me though is that Google, Facebook etc give back nothing to the users, whereas Uptrennd constantly rewards it's users.

Bushra Bukhari 1 month ago

Very true in this scenario it is great asset to its users.







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