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1UP is listed on IDEX! Full tutorial how to trade on IDEX

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St3v3 T88888 1 month ago

This is exactly what i was going to look for with me being a Newbie to IDEX, you have just saved me going on youtube to find this info. Thanks for that Top Man!!

Ilin Kazandzhiev 1 month ago

I am so happy you find it useful. This is the essence of Uptrennd community! :)

Jan Borgers 1 month ago

i always find it hard to find out how many US Dollar is for example 0.00026 ETH any tips,for buy and sell orders?

Ilin Kazandzhiev 1 month ago

Yes. You have 0.00026 ETH and you see the current price of ETH. Right now around 215$. So simply open a calculator and multiply 0.00026 x 215 and you have the current 1UP price :) 

St3v3 T88888 1 month ago

I usually type into google the amount of eth i want to work out the price for and its easy to find out that way if you type say "eth 0.00026 usd" ... i hope this works for you

Alidervash Mirani 1 month ago

That is good information thank you and congrats ion other exchange.

Ilin Kazandzhiev 4 weeks ago

We will continue to expand! :)

Acheampong Emmanuel 1 month ago

Thanks for sharing this important guidelines with us! I believe with this simplified steps, we are good to go.

Ilin Kazandzhiev 4 weeks ago

If you find anything that could make this tutorial better, just let me know.

Aminu Idris 1 month ago

This is great and awesome post thanks for sharing

Ilin Kazandzhiev 4 weeks ago

Thank you, spread the word! 







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