1UP Competition & Uptrennd Update

Happy Tuesday Trenndians,

What a roller coaster ride the last few months have been! We hope you are all staying safe, and now who is ready for some good news??

Uptrennd has once again passed big milestones! 

  • Welcome to all the new family members, there are now more than 80,000 Uptrenndians! (a small town has 20,000 - 30,000 residents so Uptrennd is 3X bigger than a small town).

  • We are also zooming towards a 25,000 Alexa Ranking, we flew past 50,000 in quick time and our 90-day ranking is exploding. We have no intention of slowing down!

  • Jeff recently posted a special ‘Uptrennd Ethos’ video, no worries if you missed it as you can check it out here - https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/uptrennd-our-ethos~MjU4ODkz



Uptrennd Egg Hunt Competition

This deserves a celebration: Get ready for the first Uptrennd Egg Hunt.  
For centuries, “Eggs” were regarded by many cultures as a symbol of ‘Life’ and ‘Universe’ and they can even be found in sacred geometry!

  • Ancient India considered the egg not only divine but also as the map of our universe. 

  • Ancient Egyptians believed that Ra, the god of the sun, emerged from a cosmic egg.

  • During African spring rituals, eggshells were used as decoration to symbolise new growth and life. 

  • The Chinese have “Red Egg & Ginger Parties” on the 1 month birthday of a newborn, which symbolises the new birth of life. 

The examples are plentiful! Do you know what an egg symbolises in your culture or religion? Let us know! 

So you are no doubt wondering why we are talking about eggs & it’s symbolism. Besides Uptrennd all being about knowledge sharing and broadening your universe, it is also the introduction to the very first UPTRENND EGG HUNT COMPETITION.

Starting from 6h30 am GMT tomorrow (Wednesday, 8th of April) the “Uptrennds Egg Hunt” begins!

23 Hidden Eggs, 5 Days, 11100 1UPs to win!
Will you find them first?


Wednesday, April 8th, from 6h30 am GMT
7 Bronze Eggs will be scattered across Uptrennd for you to find.
Each Bronze Egg is worth 200 1UPs.

Thursday, April 9th, from 6h30 am GMT
Again 6 Bronze Eggs will be hidden in various places

Each Bronze Egg is worth 200 1UPs.

Friday, April 10th, from 6h30 am GMT
5 Silver Eggs will be hidden in various places.

Each Silver Egg is worth 300 1UPs.

Saturday, April 11th, from 6h30 am GMT
4 Gold Eggs will be hidden in various places.

Each Golden Egg is worth 1000 1UPs!

Sunday from 6h30 am GMT
1 Platinum ‘JEFF Egg’ will be hidden somewhere on Uptrennd, along with all the unfound eggs (if any) from previous days.

The Platinum JEFF Egg is worth... 3000 1UPs!

Important Note: 

  • Each egg can only be claimed once! Price goes to the first finder who reported it according to our instructions below. No exceptions!  

  • There will be clues when relevant so make sure you keep an eye out on our official channels.

How To claim your Egg:

Find the eggs anywhere on Uptrennd. If you find an egg, you MUST follow the below rules to be eligible for the prize!

  • Screenshot the egg you found (screenshot must be of the whole page, not just the egg)

  • Post that screenshot on Twitter.

  • Tag in the tweet: @Uptrennd, @lukeb2191 and @st3v3_t88888

  • Insert the page link where you found the egg.

  • Use these hashtags:, #Egghunt #Socialmedia

  • Tag 2 friends.

We will announce the winners in a tweet. You have to reply within 2 days to claim your price.

EggHunt FAQ

When will the hunt end?
You have until Monday 6h00 GMT to find one or more eggs.
Eggs found after this time, or already found by other members, are excluded from winning a price.

What if an egg has already been claimed by another member?
Only the first member who finds one of the daily eggs wins a price. If an egg was already claimed, it cannot be claimed again. But no worry, each day we hide new eggs. Maybe you find one the next day!
But... if the first person does not respond to our tweet within 2 days, then the prize will go to the next person who found it. So still worth it to claim your egg, even though you are not first.

What happens with eggs that were not found in time?
Each egg will only be visible for 24h.
Any “unfound” eggs will be hidden again on Sunday, starting 6h30 GMT.
When found on Sunday, they will be paid at the original value.

Too difficult, can’t find it! Can you help me?
Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter as we might be leaving some clues for the eggs that are harder to find....
Our twitter: https://twitter.com/Uptrennd

How will I know if I won?
We will announce the winners in a tweet from our official Uptrennd account. You have to respond within 2 days, else the price goes to the next person.

All entries will be verified before the prizes are paid out so please be patient and we will also be verifying submission times as this is a contest of who finds them first.

Good Luck everybody!

Let the hunting begin!
And Happy Easter for those who celebrate.

Stay tuned...

Uptrennd Update!

Social Media That Puts You First

Signed: Luke B



Master Good
07 Apr

I am not sure that I am not a first person who found the egg. Here is the Twitter post link: https://twitter.com/KaungKi69880494/status/1247756275095486467?s=20

Luke has donated 200 points to SOE THIHATUN 5 months ago


Snâzzÿ Dūdë
10 Apr

is ut a dragon egg



preview not available Ivan KR
07 Apr

Let the hunt begin! Good luck everybody! 😎😎😎



Jeaniepearl writes
07 Apr

i am in for the task. congratulations to uptrennd for milestone achieched and kudos to Jeff for the upcoming upgrade



Hamza Mellakhi
08 Apr

just found one egg , I hope I’am first for that one https://twitter.com/hamzarey21/status/1247858415210303488

Luke has donated 200 points to Hamza Mellakhi 5 months ago







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