💥1UP, BTC and XRP price prediction THOUGHTS.

Trading crypto currencies is one of the most, if not the most profitable opportunity to involve in during a bull run season. Where the price of Crypto currencies sky rockets.. 

Today, there are three Crypto currencies that has got many traders attention and  interest. With many sharing price thoughts on these  coins. Let's share our own price thoughts on these coins.

First on the list 

  • 1UP: 1up token being a native coin of Uptrennd community was launched into the market in the month of August 2019 at price of approximately $0.03. and it seems as if it dropped down to less than 10 times it's value immediately after launching but that was only to gain momentum to shot upwards touching aoproximately $0.08 in the month of August 2020 during the bullrun season. That was exactly 1year duration, and Today it's also at approximately 0.03$ with the launching of the Uptrennd app coming soon. The price might get up to a $0.3 from my own price prediction thoughts. But what do think?

  • BTC: BTC is the first crypto currency to be created and it has ever since continously grow in price  but few days ago, an outstanding thing happened. As there was a spike in the price chart of BTC. As the price of BTC touched $82k and came back down to around $19k. Many are curious about this event of things and questions are being ask. Like, Can this be a technical malfunction, bug or the future price of BTC?.   There are questions no one can answer as of now. But we all know BTC is rising and will keep rising till it reaches $20k and probably $25k in a few days time according to my price prediction thoughts. But for now it's sitting just barely around $19k.

  • XRP: All hope where lost after XRP drop in price back in 2018, when many traders had high hopes that XRP Price is going to touch $5. But the twist of event brought XRP price down to approximately $0.2 Making many trader sell there coins. Until, Jeff Bezoz bought the coins in 2020. And for the past few days, a significant amount of increase in the price of XRP has been witnessed in the past few days. As XRP rose from $0.019 to approximately 0.074. That's a huge rise, and my price thoughts on XRP is that XRP will rise to $1.5 in 17 days. And that should be around three times it's current price now which is $0.51.

These are some of my price thoughts on 1UP, BTC and XRP.

What are your thoughts on 1UP price for now as the app is soon to be launched?🤔




Saviour Essien
26 Nov

I believe with the lunching of  uptrennd app it’s will surely bringing a great increase in the price of 1up from my own view. I can’t say much about BTC because I fail to invest in it. 


Chidiebere Christian
26 Nov

Well I don't know how 1up will fare but I pray it rises when the app is launched..it really went down too much


Safari Bangz
26 Nov

My price prediction of 1up is that when the app is launched it will be around 0.4 then with time it will get to 0.7, if bull run come , it might get to 0.9 or even $1


Majid akhunzada Khan
26 Nov

Last night I saw some movement in 1up price that hardly touched $0.004  but today at early morning  when I checked again it was droped again and now it is $0.0031 .

Last night BTC  was at $18700 and some thing but it is now at $17351.31 .

Same situation was happened to ETH LAST NIGHT AT $592 AND NOW IT IS AT $517.88 ...

Comparing all this with 1up I think in the last month of 2020 I am not seeing any potential in 1up to boost his price .


Aakash Baloch
26 Nov

Prices of crypto are unpredictable. Variations in crypto prices surprise us and for some people it is the cause of heart attack. 

I hope price of 1UP will rise soon and launching of uptrennd app will give it boost. 


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