13 Naturally Best Surprisingly Singers Won Hearts

  We are looking at and listening to 13 celebs who are surprisingly good at singing, right here on Listed. There are a number of celebs out there who may not sing for a living, but can definitely count carrying a tune as one of their many talents. So let's lend an ear to the following celebs who showed off their beautiful singing voices at one point, and surprised us all with their impressive vocal chops. First up,

 Leighton Meester stole our hearts playing Blair Waldorf on "Gossip Girl", but if she hadn't booked that part, we might've seen her have a successful singing career alongside pop stars like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Proof of that is the fact that her single with Cobra Starship, "Good Girls Go Bad" was so successful it peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in 2009.  I know your type, boy you're dangerous yeah you're that guy I'd be stupid to trust but just one night couldn't be so wrong  you make me wanna lose control . Obviously Leighton stuck with acting instead of opting for a pop star lifestyle which leads us to another actress who could've gone the same way. 

Emma Stone may be one of the funniest actresses in the game, but her vocal talents are no laughing matter. In fact, she actually performed in a reality singing contest to score a part in a never-to-air reboot of "The Partridge Family". Innocent and sweet I'm a b*tch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother  I'm a sinner, I'm a saint .Who knows what would have happened had the new Partridge Family actually come to fruition, but we're pretty sure Emma's not too bummed about it these days, considering she has one of the most enviable acting careers in Hollywood. 

Up next, before "Stranger Things" took over the world, young star Gaten Matarazzo was taking over karaoke rooms with his beautiful operatic voice. You have always been there  He is young, he's afraid  - I have a feeling Gaten is going to have a very long and successful career well after "Stranger Things" ends. And if he ever decides to leave the TV world, Broadway will have no problem sweeping him up and giving him work for the rest of his life.

 Up next, the beautiful Nina Dobrev is best known for her role as Elena on "The Vampire Diaries", but before she reached the small screen success she had a part in a movie called, "The American Mall" where she got to show off her impressive singing chops.  A world that you've never seen before  starts moving in slow-motion  - Okay, so Nina may have had a little extra help with some auto-tuning on that one, but we bet she sounds great without it. But now that "The Vampire Diaries" is officially over, maybe we'll see Nina show off her voice in more movies and TV. 

Next up, before Grant Gustin made us swoon over his performance as the Flash, he had a small part in the musical TV show Glee, where he performed a rendition of The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back", Tryin' to live without your love is one long sleepless night  Let me show you girl, that I know wrong from right Okay, the CW is clearly not taking advantage of Grant's talents on "The Flash" by having zero musical numbers on the show. But, who knows? Maybe in the next multiverse, Barry Allen would be a Broadway singer. We can only hope. 

Next up, try to hold back your OMGs as you watch "Pretty Little Liars" Troian not only slay with her singing voice, but also slay while singing in French. (singing "Mon Amie La Rose" by Françoise Hardy) - I have no idea what she's singing, but I am 100% sure that I want more of Troian's soft, magical French voice in my life. And speaking of things I want more in my life, Jennifer Lawrence also makes the list of celebs who are surprisingly good singers. Her song, "The Hanging Tree", from Mockinjay Part I ended up topping the music charts. Strange things did happen here  no stranger would it be  if we met at midnight in the hanging tree  - According to Jen herself, she was so petrified of having to sing for the film, that she actually cried on the day she had to do it. But we have no idea what she was so worried about, because she sounds absolutely lovely. 

Next up, Hollywood hunk Colton Haynes of "Teen Wolf" and "Arrow" fame is not just a talented actor and smokin' hot model. Just watch him sing an original Broadway song called, "Baby It's Christmas" back in 2014.  And even if the sky comes falling down  I know I'll make it home to you somehow  - If this wasn't on your holiday playlist before, I bet it is now because Colton's voice is as beautiful as his face, and that's one perfect face. I'm so jealous! 

Next on our list is actress Kristen Stewart who sang and played guitar in a role for a film called "Into The Wild" long before she became a household name thanks to "Twilight".  If dreams were thunder and lightning was desire  this old house would have burnt down  a long time ago  If Kristen ever decides to quit acting, she could definitely give folk singing a shot. But considering she's an actress who makes some of the most interesting choices when it comes to picking her roles, it's probably safe to assume she isn't quitting her day job anytime soon. 

Next up, most of us know Scarlett Johansson as one of the hottest and most versatile actresses in Hollywood, playing everything from Black Widow in "The Avengers" franchise, to a lonely wife in "Lost in Translation". But once upon a time ScarJo tried to segway her big screen fame into a career as a folk singer.  and now you're away and you write home every day  and I see you on the TV at night  you don't think there's lots for us to talk about  - Scarlett's debut album, "Anywhere I Lay My Head" dropped in 2008 to mixed reviews from critics. Though the sound wasn't everyone's cup of tea, ScarJo's sweet and raspy voice is definitely one of the most unique and lovely sounds in Hollywood, which is probably why she got cast as the voice of "her" in the film, "Her".

 Next up we have Sarah Hyland and she keeps us laughing and laughing week after week on "Modern Family", but we had no idea that she was a closet rock star until we heard her perform a cover of the Chainsmoker's hit song, "Closer".  I know it breaks your heart  move to the city in a broke-down car  and four years, no calls and I'm looking pretty in a hotel bar  and I can't stop  - As much as I love The Chainsmokers' original version, Sarah's acoustic cover with rock band, Boyce Avenue almost sounds like a completely different song. And, according to the actress herself, her boyfriend, Dominic Sherwood, recently bought her an acoustic guitar, so hopefully we'll be hearing more covers from Sarah like this one in the future. 

Next up, it probably isn't as surprising that the Late Late Show host, James Corden, has a fantastic singing voice. considering he is the father of Carpool Karaoke.  and I, I want to share  all this glove with you   nothing else will do - While Carpool Karaoke gives us a chance to watch our favorite celebs sing along to their own songs the same way we do when we drive, next time you watch one of those Late Late Show segments, pay attention to James' incredible voice talents. You might find yourself wishing he dropped his own album next.

 And another celebrity you may have recognized singing with James in that clip, is New Girl herself, Zooey Deschanel. Zooey is actually one half of the folk band, She & Him, and has one of the loveliest voices of any actress in the biz.  Treat me right, must you run now? for the night's just begun now, oh  Honey please, won't you stay a while with me?  - I just want Zooey to sing me lullabies to sleep every night. Is that too much to ask? Alright guys, that about wraps up our list, so now I wanna know, which celebs' lovely singing voice surprised you the most? And who do you think needs to drop an album ASAP? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section and after that, click here to check out celebs with weird hidden talents. And be sure to follow to engaged. Thanks so much for hanging out. I'm your host, Nak Fooji And I'll see you guys next time.







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