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10k dogecoin giveaway - Winner Elena Demou

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Josh Monrreal 2 months ago

Im in. I Love Dogecoin... I would be hodling it. If a spike occurs i will sell and buy the dip!! Very Generous Casper. 

Doge address- D8paefg3U7M1J5oLApZjecXRnX8esodk1E

Elena Demou 2 months ago

I will HODL it for 5-10 years. Maybe that $1 doge prediction will come true lol laugh and hey, with inflation that may even pay for a semester at college hacool​​​​​​

This is me:


Casper Ledel 2 months ago

i have my doubs on it hitting 1 USD lol, think dogecash have a bigger chance with that lol

Casper Ledel 2 months ago

have a look at my post m8, posted some information about dogecash. its like dogecoing but waaaay faster and so much else, but read my post it have all the information

Josh Monrreal 2 months ago

Found it right after i commented. Thanks for the post about it. 

Elena Demou 2 months ago

Oh I do too, lol, hence the laughing face. 

Caitlin Burnett 2 months ago

Yay! your so kind Casper 

Doge address- DB5d3qoR3FRtTXb8oczKqPmndeSCgq5dM

I will hodl it and find places that accept doge as payment. Want to get involved in more adaption 

Casper Ledel 2 months ago

mass adoption is key for a better future of crypto :D

Jonathan B 2 months ago

I'm no TA expert, but looking at the Doge chart, seems like a pretty good time to win some! You sure you wanna give those away right now? haha

Casper Ledel 2 months ago

hell yea, i got plenty of where they come from lol

Jonathan B 2 months ago

I don't have an official doge address. I guess I have one on Bittrex or Binance. If I won, I would probably keep half to invest/trade, and pass the other half on to someone or a charity--I might even do a giveaway of it on Twitter to get more followers , ha

Jarau Moses 2 months ago

I donot really have a big reason why I need the dogecoins, but may be I can also give out to a few guys in my crypocurrency community here in Uganda!

We have a growing community and it was mostly people from Steemit! It would be a great chance to give them some dogecoins too.


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