1000 1up giveaway ~ make 3 wishes and win the contest

⏰🥳🤩Tring tring tring!!!! 

🎊Contest alert🎊

☀️✨Asalam o alaikum my sweetest buddies of uptrennd greetings to all...

Hope you are doing well n good enjoying your day 🌸✨☀️

I'm here to announce the most intresting and funfilled contest 😁🙈

Without wasting time let me tell you about my giveaway contest🙊🙌🏻

This is collab contest arranged by me and Kamil

💝✨We humans have so many dreams and we all want to fulfil them we do so much hardwork to achieve that goals so our contest is all about that thing....

🌸✨You all have heard the story of Aladin and Genie ...

Think for a while you have got the magic lamp and genie has came out and he's asking you to make3 three wishes and those wishes will come true...

What will be those 3 wishes that you want to be come true??????

👉Rules to enter in contest👈

Create an OC post about the given topic

✨Use general community

✨Use #3wishes

✨Share this post's link in the end of your post so that more people will know about this contest and then share your entry link in the comment box of my post

✨Remember that you must write 3 wishes otherwise entry will be rejected

🙌🏻🌸And don't forget to follow me and Kamil here's his profile link


🎊🥳Winners will be announced on 29th december... you got a long time so prepare the best entry 

🎊5 winners will be selected 

Each winner will get 200 1up 🎊🙊such a huge amount isn't it🎊🙌🏻

I will use spinwheel to select the winners and only the quality post will be added to spin wheel ..

I want some unique and amazing entries you can write about any of your wishes it can be related to your personal or personal life .....

🙌🏻Good luck to all of you👍🏻



sparkle bug
15 Dec

Hahaha just love the unique and interesting topic I'm sure that this contest would gonna be alot of fun and I would definitely participate 😍


Abdul Basit
14 Dec

Thanks for this contest Joyo I wish I participated this contest with my full heart. I hope this contest give you lot of sucess on Uptrennd because it is a unique contest. Thanks for this contest.


Michael Chikadibia Emeruwa
15 Dec

Wow this is a boom 🤯 contest.

I must say this is my first time seeing a contest that the guardians are asked to participate wow 😲😲

I can't wait to see their post as regards to this contest.

And as for me is a sure thing I must participate.


NatiQ Abbas
15 Dec

Its going to be a great fun. 

You guys choose a best topic. 

I'll try my best to participate in it.


Usman Khalid
15 Dec

Last date to apply?


Kamil Shaheen
17 Dec

Read post carefully


Eniola Olaitan
15 Dec

Wow this is big contest 

How I wish I can participate,wish you guys best of luck.







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