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The images serve many purposes for our and articles, such as illustration, beautification and many others.

So whatever the purpose of using images, always remember to do proper images to avoid plagiarism (copying someone else's work or images like your cattle without being given credit).

In general, plagiarism is a serious crime. This article provide easy steps to do a proper image search on UPTRENND to address plagiarism issues.

👉There are two categories of images found in a post that contains multiple images on Uptrennd. These two categories of images are called;

(1) HEADER IMAGE: which is the image that is above the body or title of your publication. And it can be used as an illustration or as an attraction for readers.

(2) IN-TEXT IMAGES: These are single or multiple images that are added between the text in the body of a post and also serve as an illustration or adornment for the post.

👉To do image source on mobile phones.


Step 1: Go to the Uptrennd home page and click the create post Icon to make a post.

preview not available

Step 2: Type in your post's title and the body of the post in the text environment.

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Step 3: Open a new tab in your browser and search for your preferred image for your post on a free image site such as www.Pixabay.com, www.Pixels.com, www.Unsplash.com and so many others. You can check the list of free image sites here 👈

Or if you did a Google search then click "visit" to access the image site page.

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Step 4: Go back to the Uptrennd tab where you are creating your post and switch the to the Upload Header image tab by clicking the Icon "1" and then click "upload image".

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Step 5: search and select the pictures you have downloaded in your phone gallery and upload. If It uploaded successful it will appear this way.

preview not available

Step 6: Copy the page URL link of the current page where you found the picture to use on your post but don't close the tab yet. 

preview not available

Step 7: Go back to the Uptrennd tab where you are creating the post. And type "Header image source" at the top or the bottom your post just like In did in this post. 

preview not available

Step 8: select by highlighting the "HEADER IMAGE SOURCE" text you typed and click on the highlighted insert link Icon🔗, then paste the URL link you copied recently into the URL box section in the inage below and click insert to add the age link to the text.

preview not available

And that's all for doing Header image source.


Thanks to Uptrennd it's is easy to put multiple imags in a post now.

Step 9: Firstly, move the text cursor to the place you want to insert the text in your post body content.Then click the insert image icon.

preview not available

Step 10: Repeat step 5 to 8 but  for step 7 type "image source" instead of "Header image source" right below the picture you have place.


  • Go to the image your want to add from step 3. Click and hold on the image to display the "View image" option.

preview not available

  • Then copy out the URL link of the next page that loads up the Image.

preview not available

preview not available

  • Go back to the Uptrennd tab where you are creating the post and click the html Icon "<>" to add the image source link file you just copied  using the html format <Img src="Paste the copied link here">. Just as shown below

preview not available

  • Click on the HTML CSS code Icon "<>" to automatically display your image in your text like this

preview not available

Thank you for reading. Hope to see you do proper image source now.




Khadija Sheikh
26 Jan

You have very well informed us about these free pictures .....

I really like your post .....

And I didn't understand some things and today I have learned a lot from these pictures and your post


SaRa AbBaSi
26 Jan

Thabku for the detalied post about this major thing..It will surely help the newbies...because mostly people dont know about how to properly source their image in post..


Syeda Ayesha
26 Jan

This is nice and educative post specially for newbies. 

You have described it well, step by step. 

Thank you for sharing this with us. 


Merit Ahama
26 Jan

Very well detailed, I am sure there will be almost no questions to ask after reading this on proper sourcing. 

You did great, keep it up. 


M.A Khan
26 Jan

Great @PNPONLINE O. I think everybody and especially newbies really want this type of explanation about uploading images. Thanks for sharing. 







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